Automate your infrastructure security from code to cloud

Streamline cloud security and enforce policies throughout the entire development lifecycle.

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Bridging the gap between code and security

Shift cloud security left with Bridgecrew's codified cloud security platform.

Secure your infrastructure from development to production

Get complete cloud visibility and security-as-code guardrails to eliminate cloud drift over time.

Save time finding and fixing cloud security errors

Detect policy violations automatically and address them fast with remediation-as-code.

We turned to Bridgecrew to help analyze and enforce security and compliance industry standards across our engineering, DevOps, security, and compliance teams.

Shruti Gupta

Director of Engineering

Thanks to Bridgecrew, we are able to significantly enhance our cloud security posture from detection to remediation and response.

Ran Harpaz


Kenni Boisjoly Moreau, Security Manager, Eureka
Bridgecrew provides us with much-needed visibility into unresolved infrastructure security errors. Robust policy filtering allows our team to prioritize remediation faster and more easily.

Kenni Boisjoly Moreau

Security Manager

Use cases

All-in-one codified cloud security

Continuous cloud security

Maintain complete infrastructure visibility and address misconfigured resources with a single click.

Infrastructure as code (IaC) security

Find and fix IaC misconfigurations earlier to prevent risky deployments and track configuration drift.

Least-privilege IAM auditing

Analyze IAM for over-privileged permissions and enforce right-sized IAM with policy-as-code.

Cloud DevSecOps workflows

Embed cloud security into every code review via native integrations with VCS, CI/CD, and beyond.

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