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How security automation impacts the adoption of DevSecOps

Featuring key insights from the 2021 State of DevOps Report

DevOps has come a long way since Puppet launched its first State of DevOps Report in 2011. Back then only 9% of respondents even knew what DevOps was. However, even today a majority of organizations are stuck in the middle, unable to reach the high-performing organizational levels. This is especially true for security, where the DevOps movement has created a culture of autonomy, but those autonomous units don’t necessarily do what’s best, or most secure, for the organization. Automation certainly helps, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle.

Join our hosts from Puppet and Bridgecrew as they discuss:

  • The key findings from this year’s State of DevOps Report
  • Security implications of the findings, including how top performers are building out DevSecOps (or secure DevOps) practices
  • What separates high-performing teams from the rest and the implications for security
  • When security automation can drive cultural change (and when it can’t)

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