Bridgecrew and HashiCorp Partnership

Codifying your cloud security at scale with Terraform and Bridgecrew

Terraform by HashiCorp enables teams to rapidly expand their cloud footprint, adopt new technologies, and manage multi-cloud deployments. The ability to manage infrastructure at scale, however, comes with new security risks. Bridgecrew helps teams leverage the benefits of Terraform to harden and secure cloud infrastructure. By automating cloud governance and embedding it into day-to-day workflows and CI/CD pipelines, teams can fix existing issues and prevent them from ever being deployed.  

Join us for the live webinar to learn: 

  • The challenges of developing secure infrastructure code 
  • Common governance mistakes cloud-native teams make every day 
  • Best practices for enforcing policy earlier in the development lifecycle 
  • How to get started with Terraform and Bridgecrew  

Our panelists:

Bridgecrew co-founder, Guy Eisenkot, Headshot
Guy Eisenkot
Co-Founder and VP of Product, Bridgecrew
Developer advocate at HashiCorp, Kerim Satirli
Kerim Satirli
Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

Watch the on-demand recording