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Getting started with Bridgecrew

Learn how Bridgecrew leverages automation and delivers security-as-code to streamline infrastructure security from commit to cloud.

May Bridgecrew Demo with Q&A Banner feat. Taylor Smith

Tune in to this 30-minute demo session with live Q&A to see how Bridgecrew secures infrastructure at every step of the development lifecycle.

Join Sr. Product Manager Taylor Smith as he covers:

  • Connecting Bridgecrew to cloud accounts and infrastructure as code (IaC) repositories
  • Running Bridgecrew locally to scan IaC templates for misconfigurations
  • Identifying and investigating errors to understand their risk and impact
  • Fixing errors in both build-time and runtime with automated remediations
  • Maintaining a summarized view of your cloud resources and security posture

After walking you through the demo, Taylor will be around to answer your questions!

If you’re just getting started with cloud security or are interested in shifting your cloud security left, this demo is for you!

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Next session: Wednesday, July 20th at 9a PT / 12p ET

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