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Codified IaC security at scale with Bridgecrew and Terraform Cloud


Join Bridgecrew and HashiCorp to learn best practices for automating and codifying Terraform policy enforcement to build secure and compliant infrastructure at scale.

For teams leveraging infrastructure as code (IaC) at scale, HashiCorp’s Terraform Cloud and Sentinel provide a centralized management and policy-as-code solution. With Bridgecrew for Terraform Cloud, it’s even easier to secure Terraform configuration and enforce policies at scale. By embedding 500+ security and compliance policies into Terraform Cloud workspaces, teams get continuous and comprehensive IaC scanning as well as policy-as-code fixes back into the development lifecycle.

Watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • The benefits of automating IaC security scanning and policy enforcement
  • Best practices for governing IaC continuously and detecting drift at scale
  • Guidance for embedding IaC guardrails into your Terraform Cloud workspace with Bridgecrew

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Prakash Manglanathan

Prakash Manglanathan

Senior Solutions Engineer

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Developer Advocate Lead