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Infrastructure-as-code scanning in your CI/CD workflow with Bridgecrew and CircleCI

Infrastructure as code languages like Terraform and CloudFormation have emerged in recent years to more efficiently orchestrate and manage cloud infrastructure at scale. While they provide immense value to devops teams, they also introduce additional layers of complexity and risk of human error.

Bridgecrew adds a layer of security on top of infrastructure as code frameworks by scanning for misconfigurations and providing automated fixes. The best part? You can do it all from your existing CI/CD pipeline. With Bridgecrew’s CircleCI orb, it’s easier than ever to monitor and prevent cloud infrastructure misconfigurations in build-time.

In the recording you’ll learn more about:

  • Infrastructure as code security best practices
  • Using Bridgecrew’s CircleCI orb for scanning infrastructure for misconfigurations
  • How to embed cloud security into your CI/CD workflow to block builds

Our speakers:

Bridgecrew co-founder Guy Eisenkot
Guy Eisenkot
Co-Founder and VP of Product, Bridgecrew
Vinny Thanh, CircleCI Solutions Engineer Headshot
Vinny Thanh
Solutions Engineer, CircleCI

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