Automating GitOps Security with Kubernetes and Bridgecrew

Wednesday, May 25th at 2pm GMT / 10am ET

Cloud-native technologies and methodologies such as Kubernetes, infrastructure as code (IaC), and GitOps have drastically changed the way we build applications. The way we secure those applications needs to evolve as well.

In this 2-hour workshop, attendees will work backwards from an insecure deployment to learn common Kubernetes security misconfigurations and how to prevent them through automated guardrails.

Save your spot to learn:

  • Kubernetes IaC and GitOps basics
  • What safe versus insecure Kubernetes deployments look like
  • How to automate scanning Kubernetes, Helm, and Kustomize code for misconfigurations from code to build to runtime
  • How to remediate common Kubernetes misconfigurations
  • And more
This live Dev Day will give attendees hands-on experience with Checkov and Bridgecrew to secure Kubernetes code and Kubernetes for AWS.
Know before you go:

To get the most out of this tutorial, please come prepared with a free GitHub account and a free Bridgecrew account.

The workshop will utilize AWS Event Engine and CloudFormation, so attendees won’t need to prepare anything on their local machine or use their own AWS account.


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Steve Giguere

Steve Giguere

Developer Advocate

Angelo Malatacca

Partner Solutions Architect