Supply chain security

Protect your pipelines with every commit

Software supply chains are the heartbeat of cloud-native organizations. Designed to deliver code from developers’ local environments to production as fast as possible, they require constant tuning and can be challenging to document and manage.

Because of their complexity, supply chains are increasingly becoming a target for attacks. One weakness used in isolation or chained with others can lead to exposed secrets, injected malicious code, leaked sensitive data, and more.

Our Approach

Why software supply chain security?

As software supply chains get more complex and connected, it’s harder than ever to get the visibility and protection you need to prevent attacks. By combining leading code security capabilities, a graph-based data model, and runtime protection, Bridgecrew enables you to visualize and harden your software components and delivery pipelines from code to cloud.

Insecure code components

Open source infrastructure as code (IaC) templates, code libraries, and container images provide a head start during development, but they aren’t typically built for reuse with security in mind.

Exposed pipelines

VCS repositories and CI/CD pipelines are essential for storing, managing, testing, and deploying code, but if weaknesses can lead to data leakage and malicious code injection.

Runtime weaknesses

If gone undetected, misconfigured resources in code and vulnerable images can be deployed to your runtime environment, causing noisy alerts and weaknesses that attackers can leverage.

Checklist: Secure your software supply chain

Learn how to protect the components that make up your software supply chain.


Ensuring supply chain security with Bridgecrew

You can’t secure what you can’t see.

By providing visibility across all your code components, delivery pipelines, and cloud resources with one, developer-friendly platform, Bridgecrew makes it easier to analyze and improve the posture of your cloud-native supply chain.

Secure code components

Scan your IaC, Dockerfiles, and open source packages for security issues throughout the development lifecycle. By identifying common security misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities early and often, you can harden your infrastructure over time.

Secure code pipelines

Bridgecrew is equipped with policies to mitigate malicious attacks by continuously assessing your VCS organizations, repo configurations, and CI/CD workflow configurations to keep them up-to-date with security best practices.

End-to-end visibility

Bridgecrew’s Supply Chain Graph visualization extrapolates all the resources and dependencies within your pipelines and overlays security posture data so you can better understand and prioritize risks across your supply chain attack surface.

Consolidated SBOM

Get visibility into all your software components and their associated risks with SBOM generation for both IaC resources and open-source packages. Satisfy vendor SBOM requirements and maintain a trusted inventory with exports in standardized formats.

Protect your supply chain code and pipelines

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