Webinars and panels

Codified IaC security at scale with Bridgecrew and Terraform Cloud

Upcoming on Feb 17

Join our chat with HashiCorp to learn best practices for moving fast with Terraform Cloud by automating and codifying policy enforcement.

Cloud DevSecOps with Bridgecrew and CloudFormation

Get hands-on experience with codified cloud security for AWS infrastructure and automated DevSecOps workflows using Bridgecrew and CloudFormation.

Getting started with Bridgecrew

See Bridgecrew in action with our Co-founder and VP of Product, Guy Eisenkot. Guy demonstrates how our platform leverages automation and delivers security-as-code to streamline infrastructure security from commit to cloud.

Collaborating with DevOps to Automate Cloud Security at Scale

We join the security experts at AWS, Databricks, and Robinhood to discuss how and why security and DevOps teams should be working together to build scalable cloud security strategies.

Infrastructure as code scanning in your CI/CD workflow with Bridgecrew and CircleCI

Learn how to use Bridgecrew’s CircleCI orb to scan your infrastructure for misconfigurations and implement infrastructure as code security best practices.