Dive into our research on IaC security

State of open-source Helm security

We analyzed open-source Helm charts to get a better understanding as to how secure the composable Kubernetes ecosystem is.

State of open-source Terraform security

We analyzed the open source Terraform Registry to gauge its
current security and compliance posture.

Open source projects

We’re huge supporters of open source and are the proud creators and maintainers of several tools and training projects.

Scan your infrastructure as code repositories for misconfigurations. Checkov is open source and can be run locally or as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

AirIAM by Bridgecrew logo

Least privilege your AWS IAM automatically. AirIAM transforms existing configurations into a new right-sized Terraform template.

With built-in trace and attribution tags and the ability to write custom taggers, Yor helps with triaging incidents, risk management, cost allocation, and more.