Kubernetes Helm chart security:
Analyzing top findings and trends

Helm charts make Kubernetes infrastructure adoption fast and repeatable, but open source charts are seldom secure by design. This research dives into common Helm security risks, the impact they can have, and how you can avoid them.

We analyzed open-source Helm charts available for reuse on ArtifactHub against common Kubernetes security and compliance policies and grouped our findings.

Download the research to get:

  • An overview of the top findings and trends, including data related to misconfigured Helm charts and repositories.
  • Analyzing the most commonly used Helm chart dependencies and their security postures, including one of the most popularly used dependencies on Artifact Hub.
  • Tools and methodologies related to Helm scanning.

Explore the findings for yourself and get security tips for Kubernetes and Helm.

k8s helm chart research image

Download your copy of the research:

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