Six power rules for integrating cloud security and GitOps

Use these GitOps power rules to help you provision faster and more reliably, improve collaboration, and employ more proactive security controls and guardrails when deploying and managing infrastructure in the cloud.

When infrastructure as code (IaC) is paired with GitOps, DevOps teams can apply the same guidelines used to manage application code to infrastructure. The result is faster and more frequent deployment, better scalability, and increased predictability.

GitOps also makes it easy to embed security scanning and guardrails throughout the entire development and delivery process. Learn how to integrate cloud security and GitOps with this actionable checklist to accelerate release velocity while maintaining and improving your security posture.

Learn six (6) impactful guidelines to:

  • Take advantage of GitOps agility without losing sight of cloud security best practices
  • Leverage automation to improve collaboration between engineering and security teams
  • Shrink your attack surface and enforce the security principle of least privilege
  • And more!

For every guideline, there are one or more actionable steps you can take to effectively integrate cloud security and GitOps. Download the checklist to find out if all your bases are covered!

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