451 Research: Bridgecrew’s codified approach to cloud security

As developers play an increasingly important role in securing cloud-based environments, organizations must adopt tooling that caters to their unique needs. With its community and commercial offerings, Bridgecrew empowers engineers to find, fix, and prevent potential cloud security risks by providing them with increased agility and control.

“The ‘prime directive’ for Bridgecrew is the idea that automating security functionality inside a code-to-cloud workflow – what the company refers to as ‘codified security’ – is not only essential, but also must be done in a way that reduces friction for those responsible for cloud security engineering, be they developers, engineering, ops or security.”

Download the report from 451 Research authors Fernando Montenegro and Matthew Utter to learn:

  • About the growing responsibility that developers and engineers have in securing cloud infrastructure
  • How the cloud security landscape is evolving to meet those demands
  • The basics of Bridgecrew’s technology, strategy, opportunities, and more

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