Secure any code to secure any stack

Bridgecrew integrates across the development lifecycle and throughout cloud-native supply chains to help teams ship software that’s secure by default.

Supported frameworks

Code to cloud scanning support

Bridgecrew scans for security issues such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and exposed secrets from code to cloud.

  • Scanning for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and exposed secrets in infrastructure as code, container images, delivery pipelines, and running environments.
  • Cloud provider security, compliance, and drift detection
  • Kubernetes workload protection
  • Container image misconfiguration and vulnerability scanning
  • CI/CD and VCS configuration hardening


Bridgecrew for IaC →

DevSecOps Integrations

Continuous security workflow integrations

Bridgecrew embeds into development tools and workflows to provide automated security guardrails and alerts.

  • IDE integrations for developer feedback and fixes
  • Native VCS integrations for commit and pull/merge request feedback and fixes
  • CI/CD integrations for automated pre-deploy guardrails
  • Ticketing integrations to assign and address security issues
  • Notification integrations for real-time security updates


DevSecOps integrations →

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Get hands-on with Bridgecrew for your stack

Learn how to get frictionless code security for your cloud-native infrastructure and applications by leveraging IaC, DevSecOps, and Bridgecrew. By the end of each workshop, you will learn how you can use Bridgecrew to scan for IaC misconfigurations locally, set up CI/CD pipelines to automate security scanning and policy enforcement, and fix IaC security issues and resource misconfigurations.