Our platform

Bridgecrew connects to the infrastructure you already use and automates remediation across cloud providers and provisioning languages.

Bridgecrew is changing the way teams keep their public cloud secure

Easily automate deployment and ongoing management of security workflows

Automate manual cloud security tasks

Bridgecrew is making it easier for security practitioners to work closely with developer and operations teams to securely grow from initial migration through day-to-day management.

Fix broken and vulnerable infrastructure

Bridgecrew automates the actions required to find and fix misconfigurations.

Prevent human configuration errors and violations

Bridgecrew makes sure development teams adhere to best practices that ensure cloud infrastructure security, compliance and scalability

Immediately meet requirements for security and compliance

Bridgecrew ships with industry-standard controls that connect to existing infrastructure. With continuous monitoring, Bridgecrew makes sure that the right resources have the right configurations at all times.

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