All-in-one codified cloud security platform

Find, fix, and prevent cloud misconfigurations throughout the development lifecycle with Bridgecrew’s codified cloud security platform.

Find and fix issues in your cloud and infrastructure as code

  • Get continuous visibility into AWS, GCP, and Azure misconfigurations as well as violations in Terraform, CloudFormation, and Kubernetes.
  • Automatically fix misconfigurations in run-time and build-time with automated playbooks and merge-ready pull requests.

Prevent cloud misconfigurations and streamline the entire workflow

  • Embed cloud security directly into your CI/CD pipeline to continuously prevent misconfigurations from ever being deployed.
  • Get real-time notifications throughout the development lifecycle and integrate with your existing workflows and security tools.


Bridging the gap between engineering and security

Security engineering on-demand

With continuous monitoring, Bridgecrew makes sure that the right resources have the right configurations at all times.

Always-up-to-date database

As best practices evolve and new risks surface, our policy database always stays up-to-date with actionable remediations delivered as code.

Real-time notifications in your tools

Get alerted as soon as incidents are reported wherever you collaborate with your team, allowing you to proactively implement the right fix.

Dashboards filtered by your priorities

Have the data you need to focus on high-priority security issues and keep an eye on how your violations trend over time.

Compliance benchmark reporting

Come prepared to your next audit with download-ready reports that show your cloud security posture in relation to all the relevant compliance controls.

Intuitive logging and cloud insights

With Bridgecrew’s intuitive visualizations, it’s easy to see what accounts have which privileges, and which network modules are connected where.

Start-up agility with enterprise-grade scalability

Enterprise features like SSO, private hosting, and white-glove support make Bridgecrew a perfect fit for teams—no matter the size.

Bridgecrew is free to get started

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