Keep your code and cloud in sync with Multi-Cloud Drift Detection

Bridgecrew Multi-Cloud Drift Detection continuously monitors configuration discrepancies between your cloud resources and IaC and provides automated fixes in code.

Why does cloud configuration drift occur?

Drift occurs for a variety of reasons but mostly during maintenance, incident response tasks, and because of knowledge and access gaps. Although infrastructure drift isn’t always a security risk, it is always at odds with GitOps which can result in instability in your environment and even downtime.

Drift caused by accidental or temporary modifications

When attempting to troubleshoot a problem within an application, often during a “break glass” moment, temporary changes made directly to cloud infrastructure may be the best answer. If those changes don’t get reverted, they can become permanent fixtures that may cause problems down the line.

Drift caused by permanent or intentional modifications

Whether it’s due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of access to code, it’s not uncommon for SecOps to head straight to a cloud console or CLI to fix a misconfiguration. Although that change may improve security posture, the resulting drift will remove the auditability, collaboration, and repeatability benefits of IaC.

How it works

Detect drift continuously with Bridgecrew

Automatically get alerted of out-of-sync changes that get introduced to your cloud environment.

Multi-Cloud Drift Detection powered by Yor

Detect drift in any cloud with Multi-Cloud Drift Detection powered by Yor, our open-source IaC tag and trace tool.

Terraform Drift Detection with Terraform Cloud

Leverage Bridgecrew for Terraform Cloud to continuously compare AWS state against Terraform plan for drift.

Fix risky configuration changes with Bridgecrew

For teams leveraging IaC, the risk of misconfiguration and performance issues increases when cloud configuration changes are made outside of git. But knowing about drift is only the first step. Bridgecrew helps you eliminate it, too.

Leverage IaC to its full extent

Adopting IaC fully takes time. When changes get introduced outside of IaC, Bridgecrew shows you exactly what’s changed and where so you can easily fix the drift in code and keep reaping the benefits of IaC.

Harness the power of GitOps

With GitOps in place, drift shouldn’t be an issue. But when it inevitably crops up, Bridgecrew is there to help you detect it and give you all the information you need to quickly assess and revert unintended changes.

Get started with Bridgecrew for Drift Detection