Kubernetes security for cloud-native teams

Kubernetes is the go-to platform for managing containerized applications. But with the complexities of deploying, managing, and scaling containers, it’s easy for Kubernetes security to get left behind.

Bridgecrew helps keep your containerized configurations secure and compliant through automated Kubernetes scanning, continuous visibility, and actionable insights.

Our Approach

Kubernetes manifest to workload security

The DevSecGuide to Kubernetes

Learn how to approach and implement continuous and automated Kubernetes security and embrace DevSecOps for manifest to workload protection.


Getting started with Bridgecrew for Kubernetes security

Shift your workload security left with Bridgecrew without sacrificing runtime visibility into misconfigurations that can put your containers in jeopardy.

  • Run Bridgecrew locally via CLI or Checkov VS Code extension to get real-time scanning of Kubernetes YAML or Helm charts to find even the smallest misconfigurations.
  • Integrate Bridgecrew with your hosted repository to add collaborative code reviews and to fix feedback on each commit.
  • Run Bridgecrew via your CI/CD pipeline to enforce policy guardrails before your Kubernetes workloads are deployed.
  • Deploy Bridgecrew into your running Kubernetes workloads for continuous visibility into risk and compliance violations.

Get manifest to workload security

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