Kubernetes security for cloud-native teams

Kubernetes is the go-to platform for managing containerized applications. But with the complexities of deploying, managing, and scaling containers, it’s easy for Kubernetes security to fall behind. Bridgecrew helps keep your containerized configurations secure and compliant through automated Kubernetes scanning, continuous visibility, and actionable insights.

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Our approach

Kubernetes manifest to workload security

Get developer-first security for your Kubernetes-deployed applications with Bridgecrew’s infrastructure as code, container, and workload scanning. Find Kubernetes misconfiguration and vulnerabilities earlier in build-time and ensure issues that slip through the cracks get identified in runtime.

Scan Kubernetes manifests

Bridgecrew supports finding security issues in Kubernetes YAML with over one hundred out-of-the-box checks for Kubernetes deployments. In addition, by embedding scanning earlier in the Kubernetes development cycle, Bridgecrew puts cloud security into the hands of developers who are better equipped to make necessary changes.

Scan Kubernetes Helm charts

Helm makes the reuse of templated Kubernetes manifests much more consumable. However, because the default values and boilerplate YAML are still in unprocessed template form, misconfigurations are far easier to miss. Bridgecrew makes it easy to check these packaged templates for resulting misconfigured Kubernetes manifests.

Scan containers and images

Visibility into container configuration and container images is also crucial to securing your code to cloud Kubernetes ecosystem. In addition to helping you identify infrastructure misconfigurations in Kubernetes manifests and Helm charts, Bridgecrew can also identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within your containers.

Scan Kubernetes workloads

As a last line of defense, Bridgecrew also enables periodic scanning of all K8s workloads to spot things like exposed containers, misconfigurations easily, and failed memory resources. In addition, Bridgecrew is also equipped to identify misconfigurations for managed Kubernetes services such as EKS and GKS.


Getting started with Bridgecrew for Kubernetes security

Shift your workload security left with Bridgecrew without sacrificing runtime visibility into misconfigurations that put your containers in jeopardy.

  • Run Bridgecrew locally via CLI or Checkov VS Code extension to get real-time scanning of Kubernetes YAML or Helm charts to find even the smallest misconfigurations. 
  • Integrate Bridgecrew with your hosted repository to add collaborative code reviews and fix feedback on each commit.
  • Run Bridgecrew via your CI/CD pipeline to enforce policy guardrails before your Kubernetes workloads are deployed.
  • Deploy Bridgecrew into your running Kubernetes workloads for continuous visibility into risk and compliance violations.

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