Continuous Terraform security and compliance

Infrastructure as code (IaC) frameworks like Terraform make it easy to scale infrastructure quickly and consistently across providers and cloud environments. Terraform adds another layer of abstraction to building and managing cloud resources, and without the right approach, can actually end up introducing new risks.

Bridgecrew makes it easy to enforce cloud security and compliance policies in Terraform with continuous code scanning to prevent misconfigured cloud resources from being deployed.

Our approach

Terraform security 101

Because it introduces additional layers of configuration and abstraction to provisioning cloud resources, Terraform presents new risks, as well as opportunities to automate and codify cloud security.

Terraform security risks

Oftentimes, Terraform modules are built with functionality and performance in mind, and security gets left behind. If misconfigured Terraform modules are applied, misconfigurations can make their way to the cloud, introducing risk. In order to prevent misconfigurations, a proactive approach to cloud security is crucial.

Codified security opportunity

For all its risks, Terraform also presents a unique opportunity to make cloud security more proactive. By embedding cloud security feedback and guardrails earlier in the development lifecycle through continuous and automated scanning, you can actually prevent misconfigurations from being deployed.

Cloud DevSecOps Workshop with Terraform

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How it works

Scan your Terraform to secure your cloud


Codified and automated Terraform security

Enforce cloud security best practices

Terraform policies and fixes across AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure

Get deep Terraform module coverage

Graph-based policies for dependent module scanning and fixes

Embed security into your workflow

Integrated into developer tools including Terraform Cloud

Screenshot of Bridgecrew platform showing IaC security results

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