Automate your AWS security with CloudFormation

For AWS users, CloudFormation provides a codified infrastructure as code (IaC) framework to provision cloud resources repeatably, reliably, and at scale. Without the right approach, however, CloudFormation can present security challenges.

Bridgecrew makes AWS security proactive by codifying and automating it through CloudFormation. By embedding AWS security earlier in the development lifecycle through automated scanning and integrating it into developer workflows, Bridgecrew prevents CloudFormation misconfigurations from becoming cloud risk.

Our approach

Security from CloudFormation code to AWS cloud

CloudFormation enables you to automate AWS security to prevent reactive monitoring and minimize cloud risk. By shifting cloud security left, you can spend less time reactively triaging and responding to issues in runtime and more time shipping code that’s secure by default.

Proactive feedback

With automated code scanning and robust IaC coverage, Bridgecrew empowers developers to secure their CloudFormation templates by surfacing security feedback early and providing code fixes.

Seamlessly integrated

By embedding security guardrails into existing DevOps tools and workflows, Bridgecrew ensures that CloudFormation templates follow AWS security best practices before they’re provisioned.

Code to cloud coverage

With code to cloud traceability and policy enforcement, Bridgecrew protects your AWS resources across the entire development lifecycle to bridge the gap between security and engineering.

Cloud DevSecOps Workshop with CloudFormation

Get hands-on experience building an security automation workflow using CloudFormation, AWS Bridgecrew, and your favorite developer tools.


Codify your AWS security from code to cloud

Surface AWS security misconfigurations as part of every code review, enforce security best practices before CloudFormation resources are deployed, and provide code to cloud coverage so that risks never slip through the cracks.

Get continuous coverage

Enforce hundreds of code to cloud AWS policies that correspond to compliance benchmarks.

Address issues fast

CloudFormation code fixes as well as automated remediations for running AWS resources.

Detect drift

Get alerted if your running AWS resources drift from their CloudFormation templates.

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