IaC security

Secure your infrastructure as you build it

Infrastructure as code (IaC) frameworks like Terraform, CloudFormation, and Kubernetes enable infrastructure teams to provision and manage cloud resources consistently and efficiently. But without the right approach to security, IaC can create friction and redundant work when misconfigurations are deployed and not addressed at the source.

Bridgecrew takes a proactive approach to cloud security, enabling DevOps teams to embed cloud security feedback earlier in the development lifecycle in code and empowering developers to prevent misconfigurations from being deployed.

Our approach

Why infrastructure as code security?

IaC adds complexity and additional challenges when it comes to securing cloud-native environments, but it also provides an opportunity to automate security feedback and guardrails in code. IaC security leverages IaC’s inherent benefits to make cloud security more efficient and proactive.

Automated for efficiency

Enforce security best practices by embedding guardrails directly into developer tools and workflows so that security becomes part of the day to day.

Codified at the source

Empower developers to write and ship secure code fast by providing contextual feedback and code fixes early in the development lifecycle.

Proactive cloud security

Prevent misconfigurations from snowballing into duplicative and noisy alerts that security has to triage and developers have to address ad hoc.

DevSecGuide to Infrastructure as Code

Interested in learning more about the benefits and challenges of IaC security? Our in-depth DevSecGuide walks through how to approach and implement IaC security and embrace DevSecOps to secure infrastructure at the source.


IaC security loved by developers and trusted by security experts

As the pioneer in IaC security, Bridgecrew enables teams to enforce cloud security best practices in code with code. Built on top of our open source policy-as-code engine, Checkov, the Bridgecrew platform is loved by developers and trusted by security teams.

  • Thousands of IaC policies and built-in fixes
  • Graph-based and contextual security feedback
  • Integrated into developer tools and workflows
Screenshot of Bridgecrew platform showing IaC security results

Robust IaC policy coverage

Equipped with thousands of out-of-the-box IaC policies, Bridgecrew and Checkov enable continuous scanning for security issues like missing encryption, exposed secrets, weak security group roles, and more.

Actionable code fixes

When an issue is identified, Bridgecrew provides the context you need to understand its history and risk so you can better understand and prioritize it. Bridgecrew also provides built-in code fixes and Smart Fixes based on past secure coding patterns.

Context-aware feedback

Using the industry’s most advanced policy-as-code innovations, Bridgecrew is able to identify IaC security issues in dependencies and connect infrastructure and application weaknesses based on exploitability.

Tunde Oni-Daniel

VP Cyber Security

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With Bridgecrew, we were able to address cloud security earlier and more thoroughly. By connecting to our cloud accounts and IaC repos, we were able to gauge our current cloud security posture instantly. Their platform goes above and beyond, allowing us to monitor for misconfigurations continuously as part of every commit, and to fix them automatically.


IaC security is just the beginning

Bridgecrew has taken a multi-pronged approach to infrastructure as code security. To make IaC security part of the day to day, we’ve prioritized our developer integrations. And to make IaC security as valuable as possible to security teams, we’re constantly expanding the breadth and depth of our security coverage.

Support for all the leading IaC frameworks

Bridgecrew supports IaC scanning and code fixes for Terraform, CloudFormation, AWS CDK, Kubernetes, Kustomize, Helm, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Bicep, and more.

Integrated and embedded

Bridgecrew empowers teams to prevent IaC misconfigurations from being deployed via dozens of developer and DevOps integrations such as with your IDE, VCS, and CI/CD pipelines.

Code to cloud coverage

Bridgecrew goes beyond just IaC security scanning with runtime monitoring for continuous cloud security and compliance coverage as well as, code to cloud traceability for drift detection.

Infrastructure-aware open source security

Bridgecrew connects your IaC and open-source risks with vulnerability scanning that surfaces feedback with the context you need to prioritize and remediate issues quickly.

Start streamlining your IaC security

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