Leverage policy-as-code to develop and maintain secure IAM

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is essential to providing access and managing permissions across cloud services. Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) aims to provide guardrails to enforce strong and explicit IAM policies.

Risks of overly-permissive IAM

Developing right-sized IAM is key to maintaining a strong cloud security posture by making it more manageable and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Unmanageable IAM

Maintaining least-privilege IAM can be at odds with moving fast, but it can also lead to IAM sprawl. When weak IAM policies build up over time, it can be difficult to untangle the tech debt and have insight into who has access to what for security auditing.

Unmitigated access

Managing access and permissions across hundreds, if not thousands, of cloud services is easier said than done. Without a consolidated IAM strategy in place, it’s hard to identify overly permissive rules that may unintentionally grant access to the wrong people and expose your environment to risk.


By leveraging infrastructure as code (IaC) to govern IAM, you can automate and codify your IAM. Transforming your IAM policies into right-sized templates and files makes it easy to implement least privilege permissions and eliminate IAM drift over time.

How it works

Enforcing least-privilege IAM policies across code and cloud

As teams diversify their infrastructure and expand their usage of existing cloud services, the best way to keep IAM under control is through policy-as-code enforcement and automated governance. In addition to helping teams enforce security and compliance policies across services, Bridgecrew also helps assess, resolve, and govern risks in IAM.


By analyzing IAM data and usage patterns from both your code and cloud, Bridgecrew develops context-rich models of your permissions across users, roles, groups, and custom policies.


To eliminate IAM sprawl, Bridgecrew provides a new policy document with right-sized permissions that can be changed automatically in your environment or replaced in your IaC via a pull request.


In addition to providing insights into your current permissions and roles, Bridgecrew enables you to govern your IAM going forward to prevent IAM drift and maintain least-privilege permissions.

Caleb Sima, VP of security at Databricks
"Growth of cloud infrastructure is amazing both in terms of productivity and security, however due to the ease of use in creating assets on the fly it has created a cloud sprawl problem that quickly gets out of control. One of the top challenges is in roles and permissions. Bridgecrew helped us accurately identify the IAM issues and remediate them safely without breaking anything."

Caleb Sima

VP Security

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