Virtual Raffle

We can't wait to see you virtually and in-person on July 20-21!

DoD Minneapolis Raffle of Oura Smart Ring Banner image

Winner announced in the Bridgecrew booth (table #3) and the Bridgecrew Sponsor Slack at the end of the event.

What’s an Oura ring? A personal health tracking device that you wear on your finger. It monitors vital signs and tracks sleep and activity.


Bridgecrew is the codified cloud security platform built to bridge the gap between DevOps and security teams.

  • Commit to cloud security coverage

    Secure your entire infrastructure stack with support for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and Google Cloud resources as well as your Terraform, CloudFormation, Serverless, etc. code.

  • Continuous and automated feedback

    Embed automated infrastructure security scanning into your code reviews with native version control integrations and streamlined CI/CD workflows.

  • Actionable remediations delivered as code

    Fix existing errors as fast as you find them and prevent new misconfigurations from being deployed with real-time notifications and security-as-code.

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