Capture the swag

ReadMe Badges for Bridgecrew Swag

Codify your cloud security with Bridgecrew to capture the swag!

It’s free and takes less than five minutes to qualify:

  • Sign up for a free Bridgecrew account
  • From the Getting Started page, link your GitHub account and select any of your repositories containing infrastructure as code (For example: Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes yaml)
  • Hit “Get a badge” from Integrations > GitHub. Choose your Bridgecrew badge for any of your existing scanned repositories or integrate a new GitHub account to enable automatic security scanning
  • Embed the Markdown in your GitHub repository, and complete the swag form to let us know where to send your swag

Git Bridgecrew badge

Capture the Swag conditions: Repository must contain valid infrastructure as code relevant to the aims of the project/repository itself. Repository cannot be a fork of an existing infrastructure project. Repository can be a component for re-use, for example, a Helm chart, Terraform, or CloudFormation module. One entry per repository, GitHub username must match the author of badge PR/Commit.

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