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Rapyd case study

Read how Bridgecrew turned Rapyd’s engineers into instant security experts.

Globality case study

Learn how Globality eliminated manual configuration issues through automation.

BetterHelp case study

Learn how Bridgecrew enables BetterHelp to detect and prevent IaC security issues.

Brex case study

Read how Bridgecrew helps Brex bridges the gap between security, DevOps, and compliance. case study

Learn how reduced cloud configuration issues by 97% in two months.


"With Bridgecrew, we were able to address cloud security earlier and more thoroughly. By connecting to our AWS accounts and infrastructure-as-code GitHub repos, we were able to gauge our current cloud security posture instantly. Their platform goes above and beyond, allowing us to monitor for misconfigurations continuously as part of every commit, and to fix them automatically."

Tunde Oni-Daniel

VP Cyber Security

"Growth of cloud infrastructure is amazing both in terms of productivity and security, however due to the ease of use in creating assets on the fly it has created a cloud sprawl problem. One of the top challenges is in roles and permissions and how do you identify the issues accurately and most importantly how do you remediate these issues and do it safely without breaking everything. This is where Bridgecrew came in to help. They were able to quickly assess and identify the right permissions and roles needed. They then remediated the problem and created automated policies to keep us at the known good state and they were able to do it safely.”

Caleb Sima

VP Security, Databricks

“We’ve built our infrastructure entirely in AWS – every new change we introduce could potentially expose us to new and unknown risks. With Bridgecrew I get security engineers with years of AWS experience who make these types of decisions all the time. Being able to pull from templates and playbooks they’ve already proven is helpful.”

Donovan Bray

Director of Devops

“Thanks to Bridgecrew, we are able to significantly enhance our cloud security posture – from detection to remediation and response. Their solution ensures that security concerns don’t halt our fast business growth. Today, Bridgecrew is essential for our fast growth to continue while maintaining a robust security posture. The platform and services team take care of detection, remediation and response – alleviating those concerns for us.”

Ran Harpaz


“We needed to double-down on our cloud security and improve compliance readiness, yet we had limited resources and time to accomplish these tasks. Bridgecrew provided better visibility into our AWS environment and helped to improve hygiene with automated remediation and security engineering on demand.”

Oren Gur

VP of Information Security

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