Automate your AWS infrastructure security

Codify security across your entire stack with continuous configuration scanning and automated remediations against security misconfiguration.

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Our approach

Actionable security and compliance insights

With Bridgecrew deployed in your AWS cloud architecture, it's easy to maintain visibility into your cloud security posture and stay up-to-date with AWS security best practices.

Complete visibility into your AWS infrastructure security posture

Monitor your AWS security resources and accounts for misconfigurations and get continuous insight into how secure your AWS cloud is.

Guardrails for continuous governance of your AWS architecture

Control your AWS accounts, permissions, and security groups to prevent cloud security drift and misconfigurations with continuous security scanning.

Built-in AWS compliance automation across your infrastructure

Stay on top of AWS security best practices and compliance benchmarks for SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI, and more.

Runtime security

Get complete AWS security posture visibility

Find and fix AWS misconfigurations in run-time with continuous scanning and automated remediations. 

  • Automatically scan your AWS environment in run-time for policy violations and misconfigurations.
  • Seamlessly connect Bridgecrew to your AWS infrastructure with a simple CloudTrail template.
  • Implements fixes into your AWS architecture via Bridgecrew’s automated Lambdas or create an issue to fix later.

AWS security and compliance policies

Bridgecrew comes pre-built with hundreds of policies across categories like IAM, Kubernetes, Logging, Networking, Elasticsearch, S3, Secrets, Serverless, and more. Cloud security requirements are in mind every step of the way when using Bridgecrew in both runtime and build-time. Ensure policy compliance within your Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM, Serverless, or Kubernetes DevSecOps solutions. If an error occurs, you can address it before it ever reaches the cloud.

S3 security

Misconfigured Amazon S3 buckets are one of the leading causes of data leakage. Make sure that your S3 resources aren’t inadvertently exposed and your use of AWS S3 encryption is persistent.

Secrets scanning

Monitor your entire AWS architecture for hardcoded AWS credentials and AWS secret keys in EC2 user data, Lambda environment variables, and infrastructure code.

AWS IAM automation

Right-size your AWS IAM, ensure EC2 instances have proper access to resources, and that the appropriate AWS security groups are attached to the correct EC2 instances.

Build-time security

Shift cloud security left

Prevent AWS misconfigurations in build-time with Bridgecrew's CloudFormation scanning and fixes.

  • Run Bridgecrew in runtime and build-time to ensure your entire AWS infrastructure is secure.
  • Embed cloud security directly into your CI/CD pipeline and developer workflows to take your AWS security to the next level.
  • Integrate with your source code repository to fix issues with merge-ready pull requests and ensure misconfigurations aren’t deployed.

Get started

Codify your AWS security from commit to cloud

Integrate with AWS

Connect Bridgecrew to your AWS accounts to find and fix security and compliance errors within your AWS cloud resources.

AWS CloudFormation

In addition to addressing cloud security errors in run-time, Bridgecrew scans CloudFormation templates for misconfigurations.

Bridgecrew is free to get started

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Bridgecrew is a proud AWS Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved Security Competency status and DevOps Competency status. We’re also available in AWS Marketplace.