Developer-first cloud security

Bridgecrew automates Cloud Security Posture Management, provides remediations as code, and streamlines the entire process from commit to cloud. 

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Our unique approach

Shift cloud security left

Bridgecrew goes beyond traditional cloud security solutions by embedding earlier in developer lifecycles and focusing on remediations delivered as code.

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Streamlining cloud security engineering

Bridgecrew not only addresses cloud security management issues in run-time, but finds and fixes infrastructure as code issues in build-time.

Empowering teams to automate cloud security

Through automation in both run-time and build-time, Bridgecrew fills gaps left by traditional CSPM cloud and static analysis tools while saving teams time remediating issues.

Equipping developers with security-as-code

Bridgecrew provides automated fixes delivered as code for cloud misconfigurations and violations so that teams can fix issues at the source and prevent them from resurfacing.

"With Bridgecrew, we were able to address cloud security earlier and more thoroughly. By connecting to our AWS accounts, we were able to gauge our current cloud security posture instantly. Their platform goes above and beyond, allowing us to monitor for misconfigurations continuously as part of every commit, and to fix them automatically."

Tunde Oni-Daniel

VP Cyber Security

Kenni Boisjoly Moreau, Security Manager, Eureka
“Bridgecrew provides us with much-needed visibility into unresolved infrastructure security errors. Robust policy filtering allows our team to prioritize remediation faster and more easily."

Kenni Boisjoly Moreau

Security Manager

All-in-one cloud security platform

Bridging the gap between engineering, devops, security, and compliance to secure public cloud infrastructure.

  • Identify cloud configuration issues throughout your infrastructure and multi-cloud environments
  • Monitor your accounts and resources continuously to keep your public cloud secure 
  • Govern your accounts, users, roles, and resources for compliance with cloud best practices   
  • Remediate cloud security issues through automated playbooks directly to your infrastructure

Bridgecrew for engineering and DevOps teams

As the leading developer-first CSPM, Bridgecrew equips developers and DevOps engineers with the context and code to secure their work without spending time manually fixing cloud security issues. By embedding into source code repositories and CI/CD pipelines, Bridgecrew’s end-to-end CSPM solution is a seamless fit into developer workflows.

Bridgecrew for security and compliance teams

With all the functionality of a cloud security posture management tool and the workflows of a developer tool, Bridgecrew is the perfect solution for cloud-native security teams ready to shift cloud security left. Bridgecrew empowers security teams with visibility throughout cloud environments for better cloud security and governance.

Supported languages

Codified cloud and workload security

Embed Bridgecrew earlier in your development lifecycle to automate your cloud security posture.

Integrate Bridgecrew with your AWS accounts to identify and remediate security issues. Bridgecrew also supports CloudFormation security scanning.

Stay up-to-date with Google Cloud security best practices with Bridgecrew’s continuous run-time monitoring for GCP.

Integrate Bridgecrew with your Microsoft Azure resources for run-time monitoring. Bridgecrew also scans Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

Bridgecrew integrates with Kubernetes workloads and checks Kubernetes resources across cloud providers to ensure they’re correctly configured.

Get started with Bridgecrew

It's free to get started for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure