Streamlined DevSecOps for cloud-native teams

DevSecOps is intended to bring security into DevOps practices, but cloud security still happens outside of the development lifecycle. Bridgecrew changes that by enabling teams to address cloud security issues via CI/CD pipelines and implement fixes directly at the source.

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Our approach

Automating code to cloud security with DevSecOps

The current cloud DevSecOps model lacks consistent and comprehensive code to cloud coverage. Bridgecrew shifts security scanning and fixes to make it easier to prevent misconfigurations and secure your infrastructure with every commit.

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Proactive approach

By embedding cloud security earlier via continuous infrastructure as code scanning, Bridgecrew automates cloud security and prevents cloud security issues altogether. IaC scanning helps you identify misconfigurations and provides visibility into your cloud security posture earlier.

Faster fixes

With actionable insights and automated remediations, Bridgecrew is designed to address misconfigurations as fast as possible—wherever they’re surfaced. The Bridgecrew provides hundreds of built-in code fixes and Smart Fixes based on your team’s past secure coding behavior.

Developer integrations

Shift security as far left as possible with our IDE plugins that provide inline feedback and fixes. Streamline DevSecOps with Bridgecrew’s native VCS integrations that enable pull/merge request comments and new commit fixes, or by integrating Bridgecrew into your CI/CD pipeline.

Fast, pre-commit feedback

Scan IaC files and directories for misconfigurations pre-commit with our open-source scanner, Checkov or enforce guardrails as you code with Bridgecrew’s IDE extensions. 

Bridgecrew empowers developers to move fast by surfacing security and compliance feedback before code gets integrated into shared repositories.

Continuous code reviews

Prevent misconfigurations from being deployed by getting feedback on each commit, pull/merge request, or as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

Bridgecrew integrates with version control systems and CI/CD providers to continuously and automatically scan all IaC changes for errors.

Real-time notifications

Get alerted as soon as new errors are identified with real-time notifications and get a birds-eye view of your cloud security posture with weekly email updates.

Bridgecrew also integrates with tools such as Jira to open tickets that include the metadata, rationale, and code needed to fix errors wherever they are.

All-in-one DevSecOps platform

Connect all scanning from code to cloud in a single platform with compliance reporting and security posture dashboards.

Detect configuration drift between your cloud environment and code configuration to make the most of GitOps and maintain code to cloud consistency.

"We use Bridgecrew to track misconfigurations and manual unauthorized changes to the environment and to quickly remediate them.”

Shruti Gupta

Director of Engineering

"With full visibility and an automation framework in place, we can bridge the gap between security and engineering.”

Tal Hornstein

Chief Information Security Officer


Get started with Bridgecrew for cloud DevSecOps

Bridgecrew provides end-to-end infrastructure coverage by embedding into the tools and processes you already depend on to write, manage, test, and deploy your infrastructure.

Connect Bridgecrew to your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud accounts to identify and remediate cloud misconfigurations when they occur.

Enforce policies within your Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM, Serverless, or Kubernetes code to prevent misconfigurations from being deployed to the cloud.

Integrate with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab to fix misconfigurations directly in the source code and get continuous feedback.

Embed with your CI/CD pipeline to scan infrastructure code for policy violations on every commit as part of every code review.

Get started with cloud DevSecOps

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