Streamlined cloud DevSecOps

DevSecOps is intended to bring security into DevOps practices, but cloud security still happens outside of the development lifecycle. Bridgecrew changes that by enabling teams to address cloud security issues via CI/CD pipelines and implement fixes directly at the source.

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Our approach

Making cloud security possible with DevSecOps

The current cloud DevSecOps model lacks consistent and comprehensive cloud coverage. Bridgecrew embeds cloud security earlier to make it easier to prevent cloud misconfigurations and secure your infrastructure with every commit.

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Preventative approach

By embedding cloud security earlier via IaC scanning, Bridgecrew automates cloud DevSecOps and prevents cloud security issues altogether. Infrastructure as code scanning helps you understand where misconfigurations are occurring and provides visibility into every aspect of the cloud.

Faster fixes

With actionable remediations via automated playbooks and pull request fixes, Bridgecrew enables any team to address misconfigurations, faster.

Developer integrations

Streamline detection by integrating with your CI/CD pipeline and secure your infrastructure with every commit by connecting your VCS.


DevSecOps for cloud-native teams

Bridge the gap between code and cloud security with Bridgecrew's all-in-one platform.

  • Identify misconfigurations more efficiently with automated scanning.
  • Fix security issues faster with actionable remediations.
  • Prevent cloud risks with developer integrations and commit to cloud coverage.
"We use Bridgecrew to track misconfigurations and manual unauthorized changes to the environment and to quickly remediate them.”

Shruti Gupta

Director of Engineering

"With full visibility and an automation framework in place, we can bridge the gap between security and engineering.”

Tal Hornstein

Chief Information Security Officer

How it works

Get started with Bridgecrew for cloud DevSecOps

Bridgecrew provides end-to-end infrastructure coverage and streamlines it with developer-friendly integrations.

Connect Bridgecrew to your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud accounts to identify and remediate cloud misconfigurations when they occur.

Enforce policies within your Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM, Serverless, or Kubernetes code to prevent misconfigurations from being deployed to the cloud.

Integrate with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab to fix misconfigurations directly in the source code and get continuous feedback.

Embed with your CI/CD pipeline to scan infrastructure code for policy violations on every commit as part of every code review.

Get started with cloud DevSecOps

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