Streamlined security for cloud-native teams

DevSecOps is all about bringing security into DevOps workflows and tools to make it a seamless part of developers’ day-to-day work, and to support rather than hinder secure deployments. 

Bridgecrew takes it a step further with our developer-obsessed approach that focuses equally on the breadth of supported integrations and depth within cloud-native stacks.

Our approach

Automating code to cloud security with DevSecOps

The current cloud DevSecOps model lacks accessible and cohesive code to cloud coverage. Bridgecrew embeds security scanning across the development lifecycle and extends across different stacks while prioritizing actionable findings.

Fast, pre-commit feedback

Bridgecrew empowers developers to move fast by surfacing security feedback before code gets integrated into shared repos.

Continuous code reviews

Bridgecrew is designed to continuously scan for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities as part of every code review.

DevSecOps platform

Bridgecrew connects all scanning in a single, developer-friendly platform for complete code to cloud visibility.

Use cases

Get started with Bridgecrew for all your DevSecOps use cases

Bridgecrew provides end-to-end infrastructure coverage by embedding into the tools and processes you already depend on to write, manage, test, and deploy your infrastructure.