Case study

Empowering Rapyd to fix critical cloud security issues with security-as-code

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  • Rapyd needed a tool to provide its security and engineering teams with continuous security visibility across 6500+ AWS cloud resources 
  • Bridgecrew enables Rapyd’s teams to more efficiently fix critical cloud misconfigurations and take their cloud security to the next level

About: Rapyd is the leader in “fintech-as-a-service” and is the world’s largest global payment network helping businesses create great local commerce experiences anywhere.

Industry: Fintech

Size: 150+ employees

Cloud provider: AWS

The challenge 

To facilitate global payments on a massive scale, Rapyd has developed advanced cloud infrastructure on AWS. Maximizing performance while keeping their customers’ data secure and staying up-to-date with compliance standards is crucial to their business. But with several different AWS accounts, thousands of deployed cloud resources, and limited security resources, it was challenging to maintain visibility into their security and compliance posture. 

To support their DevOps and engineering teams, Rapyd sought a tool for maintaining visibility across their complex cloud footprint and taking their security to the next level. 

“Engineering is the core of Rapyd. We were looking for a tool to empower our team and give us a constant, automatic view of our public cloud accounts which are dynamic, complex, and use cutting edge technology.”  

— Nir Rothenberg, CISO, Rapyd 

 The solution 

Rapyd implemented Bridgecrew to get real-time visibility across their AWS cloud resources and equip their engineering team with security-as-code.  

With Bridgecrew’s run-time cloud infrastructure scanning, the Rapyd team can continuously assess their cloud security posture while staying on top of new issues. To help them understand what areas they should be focusing on, Bridgecrew prioritizes issues by criticality with context around the types of violations identified and compliance benchmarks impacted.  

The Bridgecrew platform goes above and beyond other scanning tools by providing automated remediations delivered as code. This enables the Rapyd team to immediately implement fixes instead of spending time triaging and investigating each and every incident. 

The outcome 

Empowered with complete run-time visibility into its AWS accounts, the Rapyd team now has more confidence in its cloud infrastructure security. Equipped with remediations delivered as code, the Rapyd team can now stay on top of security issues and policy violations more efficiently. 

“With the Bridgecrew platform, my team instantly became DevSecOps specialists. We were able to automatically identify misconfigurations in the deepest, darkest corners of our cloud. Most importantly, Bridgecrew gives our engineers the right tools and automations to fix them, making security enablers instead of disrupters. Bridgecrew are our partners for a better architected, more secure cloud.” 

— Nir Rothenberg, CISO, Rapyd 

Rapyd has taken its security up a notch by being able to rapidly eliminate critical security issues across its cloud infrastructure and has transformed its entire team into cloud security experts with the help of Bridgecrew.