How dramatically reduced cloud configuration issues

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  • needed visibility into their cloud security posture and help staying on top of best practices
  • Bridgecrew’s combination of automated identification and fixes for AWS and Terraform was a huge time-saver
  • In only two months, they were able to solve 97% of issues using Bridgecrew




About: is an AI-driven platform that helps go-to-market teams (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success) improve operations by decreasing manual data entry and allowing staff to focus on high-value work.

Industry: Predictive Analytics

Size: 150+ employees

Tech Stack: Terraform and AWS

The challenge relies heavily on Terraform and AWS for its cloud infrastructure. With over 10,000 resources in their infrastructure, gaining visibility and reducing security risks was proving to be difficult and time-consuming.

As they constantly evolved their configured resources and scaled their cloud infrastructure footprint, they wanted to stay on top of best practices in keeping their environments secure.

They turned to Bridgecrew to give them extra support and help them get a head start on securing their public cloud infrastructure.

The solution

After reviewing multiple products, turned to Bridgecrew.

Bridgecrew provides with automation tools for AWS misconfiguration detection and remediations that are delivered as code. By leveraging existing AWS services such as Cloudtrail and Cloudformation along with its unique automation platform, Birdgecrew streamlines cloud security throughout the development lifecycle. Bridgecrew enables’s security and DevOps engineers to quickly identify and remediate infrastructure issues in AWS as well as in Terraform.

Getting started with the platform was quick and easy, and Bridgecrew’s team of security engineers also provided immediate and actionable guidance.

“With just a Terraform deployment in our accounts, the Bridgecrew platform immediately began reading our configuration and identifying issues. The Bridgecrew team then created an actionable roadmap to compliance. We were finally able to take real action and remediate the issues. We went from loads of red to all green in less than two months.”

—Jonathan Jaffe, Director of Information Security at

The outcome

Within two months, drastically reduced configuration issues and increased confidence in production data safety with Bridgecrew as a key partner.

Since adopting Bridgecrew, the team has been able to address new AWS security issues immediately, allowing security and DevOps to adapt to its fast-paced, constantly evolving business. They’ve also been able to stay up to date on new AWS capabilities, as the Bridgecrew team continuously offers expertise on ways to improve security—they’re just a Slack message away.

“Bridgecrew helps you get control of your cloud environment, securing it and simplifying the process of adopting best practices. If you want to own your cloud security, partner with Bridgecrew.”

—Jonathan Jaffe, Director of Information Security at