Case study

How Globality eliminated manual cloud configuration errors and saved time securing its AWS infrastructure

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  • Globality supported the fortification of its infrastructure by adopting Bridgecrew
  • Through automation, Bridgecrew helped Globality minimize manual configuration errors saving time for its team

About: Globality was founded to create a level playing field for service suppliers. By leveraging AI, the company helps organizations source the right service supplier for the right price for every service need.

Industry: Enterprise Applications

Size: 150+ employee

Tech Stack: CloudFormation, AWS

The challenge

To power its robust database and machine learning functions, Globality has built a sophisticated cloud environment with AWS and supporting infrastructure at its core.

Globality’s security team was up to speed with security best practices and wanted to increase its visibility into AWS audit activity. When working with engineering to implement fixes, they were looking for processes to adhere to cloud security best practices and a shared language to benchmark their compliance.


The solution

Globality leveraged Bridgecrew’s platform and security engineering on-demand to take a more hands-on approach to securing its cloud infrastructure.

Once connected to Globality’s AWS accounts, Bridgecrew’s platform provided an extensive assessment of Globality’s current security practices. Through the collection and centralization of security logs, Bridgecrew was able to identify areas of potential risk and target manually deployed resources to transform into full automation.

Bridgecrew’s platform provided automated remediations of resources and transformed manual processes into automated deployments, delivered as code.

“With Bridgecrew, we added insight into how we stand up against cloud security best practices by leveraging automation. We are now able to easily add context to remediation items and prioritize fixes. With full visibility and an automation framework in place, we can bridge the gap between security and engineering.”

— Tal Hornstein, Chief Information Security Officer, Globality

The outcome

Deploying Bridgecrew boosted Globality’s confidence in its security practices. By implementing an automated model centered on a common language between security and DevOps, Globality was also able to dramatically reduce time spent manually reviewing cloud configurations.

“With Bridgecrew, we’ve saved time finding issues and have laid down a solid foundation to monitor our cloud accounts. We look forward to working with Bridgecrew on additional projects.”

— Tal Hornstein, Chief Information Security Officer, Globality

By providing cloud security visibility, processes, and automation, Bridgecrew continues to help Globality maintain confidence in the current state of its infrastructure and a framework to continuously keep it secure.