Case study

How Brex bridges the gap between security, DevOps, and compliance with Bridgecrew

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  • To help them identify cloud security gaps, Brex needed an all-in-one solution to monitor both their cloud and infrastructure-as-code for misconfigurations
  • Bridgecrew gives Brex both oversight into their AWS accounts and the tools to prioritize and remediate violations
  • By enabling them to embed cloud security into their CI/CD workflow, Bridgecrew helps Brex address cloud security issues faster and prevent them from being deployed



Customer: Brex

About: In 2018, Brex launched the first corporate card and rewards program specifically designed for startups. Since then, they’ve transformed B2B payments by rebuilding the credit card tech stack from the ground up.

Industry: Financial Services

Size: 450+ employees

Stack: AWS, Terraform, GitHub

The challenge

Brex’s DevOps, security, and compliance teams work hand-in-hand to build, secure, and govern their cloud infrastructure. As a financial services organization with a modern and cloud-native stack, the Brex team has invested heavily in building scalable and immutable infrastructure, utilizing Terraform to orchestrate their AWS resources. This scalability has allowed them to keep pace with business and innovate fast.

To keep their quickly evolving stack secure, they sought oversight into their production cloud accounts as well as their infrastructure as code configurations.

“We turned to Bridgecrew to help analyze and enforce security and compliance industry standards across our teams—engineering, DevOps, security, and compliance.”

— Shruti Gupta, Director of Engineering, Brex

The solution:

Brex leveraged Bridgecrew to gain insight at both the cloud account level and in IaC, as well as to stay current with cloud compliance requirements.

With comprehensive scanning for AWS misconfigurations and policy violations, the Brex team was alerted of policy violations in real-time. With continuous scanning for Terraform security issues as part of their CI/CD pipeline, Brex developers are also notified when IaC errors are introduced. With reactive and preventative measures in place, the Brex team has been able to respond faster to cloud risk wherever it may be.

In addition to identifying and preventing cloud security risks, Bridgecrew equips Brex’s GRC team with audit-ready compliance benchmark reports for PCI, SOC2, and more.

The outcome:

By leveraging Bridgecrew’s build-time and runtime scanning, Brex has been able to address gaps in their existing cloud security posture and instate guardrails to maintain it over time. Preventing issues in development with Bridgecrew has also helped Brex save hours spent chasing down issues in production.

“Today, we use Bridgecrew to track misconfigurations and manual unauthorized changes to the environment and to quickly remediate them.”

— Shruti Gupta, Director of Engineering, Brex

As Bridgecrew has continued to add new policies to its platform, Brex has been able to stay on the cutting edge of cloud security best practices with every deploy.