Case study

Enabling BetterHelp to detect and prevent cloud infrastructure security issues

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  • Bridgecrew’s cloud monitoring provided BetterHelp with instant visibility into their public cloud
  • With build-time monitoring of their infrastructure-as-code, BetterHelp can now prevent misconfigurations prior to deployment
  • Bridgecrew enhanced BetterHelp’s security posture with additional security solutions for faster responses to threats

Customer: BetterHelp

About: BetterHelp is the world’s largest e-counseling platform. Through video chat, text messaging, and phone therapy, BetterHelp offers access to professional licensed therapists and psychologists without the hassle of location and scheduling.

Industry: Health Care

Size: 100+ employees

Stack: AWS, Terraform

The challenge

With its rapidly expanding customer base and scalability challenges, BetterHelp needed a solution to continuously monitor cloud environments and keep up with regulatory and customer security commitments. To keep pace with their enormous growth, BetterHelp sought an automated solution to maintain compliance requirements efficiently with limited resources.


The solution

BetterHelp reached out to Bridgecrew seeking a combination of technology and security expertise—particularly on AWS and Terraform—to meet their scalability requirements. Bridgecrew provided BetterHelp with run-time scanning to monitor their AWS cloud environments.  Additionally, Bridgecrew’s solution included scanning of their infrastructure-as-code Terraform files for build-time detection and prevention.

“We’re big Terraform users, and everything deployed in our account is automated. The Bridgecrew platform provides us visibility into all resources and violations in our account that would be incredibly manual and time-consuming otherwise. Not only has Bridgecrew helped us to ensure we’re following best practices, but we can also prevent insecure configurations from ever being deployed in the first place.”

— Sharon Cohen, CISO, BetterHelp



The outcome

Working with Bridgecrew hand-in-hand, BetterHelp no longer runs the risk of deploying misconfigurations. Bridgecrew also worked closely with Betterhelp to prioritize and resolve existing misconfigurations and policy violations.

By integrating Bridgecrew’s build-time scanning solution into their CI/CD pipeline processes, BetterHelp is able to meet secure SDLC requirements and proactively fix security issues.


“With Bridgecrew, we feel like we have a place to turn to get additional advice on cloud security for added decision confidence. They’re constantly adding new features based on customer feedback—their pace of innovation is exciting, and we’re looking forward to what comes next.”

—Sharon Cohen, CISO, BetterHelp


Not only does BetterHelp believe their cloud infrastructure is well protected, but they also have confidence in Bridgecrew’s industry know-how to help them overcome future challenges. Bridgecrew has become an extension of BetterHelp’s cloud security as a valuable resource.