How Bridgecrew helps reduce AWS cloud misconfigurations

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We’ve had an exciting month since coming out of stealth mode and announcing our new forever-free Community plan. 💜

With our amazing customers by our side, we’re humbled by the support we’ve received over the past few weeks and are excited to share more about how we’re helping teams automate and codify their cloud security efforts. Our newest case study with shows how we’ve helped their security and DevOps teams do exactly that.

Bridgecrew has enabled to both identify and fix cloud security issues. With Bridgecrew’s run-time scanning and automatic remediations, they are able to get insight into their AWS security posture. Going a step further, Bridgecrew finds misconfigurations in their Terraform files to provide automated fixes in build-time as well.

“We were finally able to take real action and remediate the issues. We went from loads of red to all green in less than two months.”
— Jonathan Jaffe, Director of Information Security at

We are extremely proud to work with such innovative organizations and are committed to helping teams big and small adopt security-as-code. To learn more about how you can get started with Bridgecrew, check out our docs and sign up for an account—it’s completely free to get started! 🤩