Exciting news to bring codified cloud security to everyone!

Palo Alto Networks Announces Intent to Acquire Bridgecrew

In the fascinating journey of starting a company, growing a team, developing a product, and building a community, there comes a moment when that path veers from the one you planned when you see an opportunity to accelerate that vision.

For us, this is that moment.

After building and growing Bridgecrew for two incredible years, I am thrilled to announce that Bridgecrew has entered into a definitive agreement to join Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader.

In this moment of celebration, I wanted first to thank our customers, partners, investors, advisors, and the community at large. Because of your support, we have this unbelievable opportunity to grow in new and exciting ways while staying true to our vision.

How did we get here?

Since starting Bridgecrew with my two brilliant co-founders Barak and Guy in February 2019, we’ve had one vision—to bridge the gap between developers and cloud security. We had hundreds of conversations with world-class CISOs, security teams, infrastructure engineers, and DevOps leads and quickly understood the #1 cause for that gap.

Cloud security wasn’t being solved like the engineering problem it is.

When we started to see the disconnect between how infrastructure was built versus how it was secured, we knew we were onto something.

To bridge that gap and shift cloud security into the hands of developers and DevOps teams, we’ve built the most passionate and talented team across the US and Israel. Our Crew, along with our rockstar investors and advisors, have accomplished so much—especially since coming out of stealth and announcing our Series A just ten months ago.

From open-sourcing Checkov, our booming static analysis tool for infrastructure as code, and releasing our hugely popular SaaS platform, to growing the codified cloud security movement every day, it has been a truly amazing journey.

What does it mean for Bridgecrew and Checkov?

Checkov has been downloaded 1.2 million times, exceeding any of our expectations and proving just how huge the need for developer-first cloud security really is. Thanks to the outstanding contributions and support, Checkov has become one of the fastest-growing open-source tools on the market. Following the completion of the acquisition, Palo Alto Networks will continue to invest in Bridgecrew’s open-source initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to DevOps security.

The Bridgecrew platform, developed and expanded in collaboration with customers and partners, has been vital in connecting code to the cloud and engineering to security. By providing security feedback in code with code and making it accessible through existing developer tools and workflows, the Bridgecrew platform has transformed the way hundreds of teams secure and govern infrastructure.

And today, we celebrate the next step of bringing codified cloud security to everyone. With the addition of Bridgecrew, Palo Alto Networks will be the first to deliver security across the full application lifecycle–a win-win for developers and security teams alike.

Where do we go from here?

The possibilities of joining forces with Palo Alto Networks and Prisma Cloud are virtually endless. When we started to picture what was possible by combining our mission with Palo Alto Networks’ leadership and Prisma Cloud’s innovation, we realized how important and interesting this path was.

For us and for the industry, we are confident that this is the best way to have the biggest impact and bring codified cloud security to more developers.

We couldn’t think of a better way to continue revolutionizing the cloud security industry and look forward to joining forces with one of the strongest, most innovative cybersecurity companies in the world.

Guy, Barak, myself, and the rest of the Crew can’t wait to see what we can achieve together on this path and look forward to doing it with all of you. This is just the beginning.

For more information on the acquisition, check out the Palo Alto Networks press release.