Enabling BetterHelp to detect and prevent cloud infrastructure security issues

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As cloud orchestration shifts further left, more and more of our customers are turning to us for help shifting their cloud security left as well. Bridgecrew’s build-time scanning and remediations for infrastructure-as-code languages such as Terraform and CloudFormation enable teams to both reactively and proactively fix security issues.

In our newest case study, we share how Bridgecrew was able to help the BetterHelp team take their existing Terraform setup to the next level with preventative and automated cloud security automation.

Bridgecrew has given the BetterHelp team visibility into the security posture of both their AWS cloud environments and their Terraform modules.

“We’re big Terraform users, and everything deployed in our account is automated. The Bridgecrew platform provides us visibility into all resources and violations in our account that would be incredibly manual and time-consuming otherwise. Not only has Bridgecrew helped us to ensure we’re following best practices, but we can also prevent insecure configurations from ever being deployed in the first place.”

— Sharon Cohen, CISO, BetterHelp

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