Empowering Rapyd to fix critical cloud security issues with security-as-code

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For engineering teams working hard to maximize cloud performance while keeping customer data secure, it can be difficult to simultaneously stay up-to-date with compliance standards and cloud security best practices. Bridgecrew’s codified cloud security platform is built with that in mind, enabling teams to rapidly find and fix cloud security issues.

Our newest case study shows how Bridgecrew equipped Rapyd’s engineering team with both visibility and actionable fixes to improve their cloud security posture instantly.

“With the Bridgecrew platform, my team instantly became DevSecOps specialists – we are able to automatically identify misconfigurations in the deepest, darkest corners of cloud and give our engineers the right tools and automations to fix them, making security enablers instead of disrupters. Bridgecrew are our partners for a better architected, more secure cloud.”

— Nir Rothenberg, CISO, Rapyd

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At Bridgecrew, our mission is to empower security and engineering teams with the tools and workflows they need to shift their cloud security left. To get started, sign up for a free account, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!