Introducing ten (and a half) new developer-first integrations to Bridgecrew’s codified cloud security platform

Bridgecrew developer-first integrations

In our biggest product update yet, we’re extremely proud and excited to publicly (for everyone not following our changelog 😉) release these new integrations to expand our support for a more secure development lifecycle.

This release includes:

  • New connections to cloud providers for optimized cloud security posture management
  • New infrastructure-as-code frameworks for protecting cloud-delivered workloads
  • New integrations that enable teams to streamline infrastructure security from cloud to code

The more clouds the better ☁️

In addition to supporting AWS, we now identify misconfigurations in both Microsoft Azure 1️⃣ and Google Cloud Platform 2️⃣. We know most teams out there aren’t on just one cloud, so we’re doing our best to add more and more support to the most popular cloud services.

How it works

Connect Bridgecre with your cloud account to start scanning for issues like public buckets, unencrypted databases, and over permissive IAM entities.

You can even add your own custom policies to check against as you continuously expand your cloud footprint and provision new resources.

As you may or may not know, Bridgecrew goes a step further - our platform comes fully equipped with playbooks to automate fixes in your run-time cloud configuration. You can either run automated playbooks straight from the platform via Lambda or use our improved bi-directional integration with Jira (this is where the half comes in) to make sure the right team has the right context and code they need to address incoming issues.

Not crazy about remediating directly in run-time? No worries - you can always download and run the code from your local environment just the same.

Infrastructure-as-code security is key 🔑

As important as it is to fix issues in run-time, we know that if the underlying code isn’t fixed as well, the issues will come back around sooner or later. That’s why we’re doubling down on our build-time scanning and automated fixes.

We’re thrilled to support self-managed and fully managed Kubernetes 3️⃣ policies in addition to our Terraform and CloudFormation policies already supported.

How it works

Integrate Bridgecrew with your infrastructure repositories in GitHub or Bitbucket 4️⃣ to scan them for violations. To implement fixes, simply open a pull request.

Regardless of how you’re fixing cloud infrastructure issues, it’s our mission to make it as streamlined as possible. That’s why we’re so excited about the work we’ve done to make it easier for developers to prevent issues from being deployed in the first place.

It’s all about the workflow 🧰

To achieve our goal of empowering developers to take more ownership of cloud security, we knew we had to equip developers not only with ad-hoc automation and security-as-code but also to help them identify and prevent as early as their build and testing processes.

With our new CI/CD integrations, developers can do exactly that.

Bridgecrew now supports CircleCI 5️⃣, GitHub Actions 6️⃣, and Jenkins 7️⃣, giving developers access to native cloud security monitoring as part of every build and ensuring that misconfigurations aren’t unknowingly deployed.

Tracking new and remediated misconfigurations over time with BridgecrewThe cherry on top 🍒 is our set of ecosystem integrations including Splunk 8️⃣, Slack 9️⃣, and PagerDuty 🔟 with many more to come.

Community 💞

As we’ve built out these new integrations and features we haven’t lost sight of our commitment to open-source.
In the past two months, we’ve been hard at work adding new checks to Checkov, our static-analysis tool for infrastructure-as-code, and we’re humbled by the support from the community. It has been endorsed by some of the leading cloud organizations in the world with more than a dozen individual contributors helping expand its coverage for new cloud services. We believe that cloud visibility should be accessible to everyone and plan to continue helping organizations uncover infrastructure-as-code misconfigurations.

We’ve also launched two new projects - AirIAM, a least-privilege Terraformer for AWS IAM, and TerraGoat, a training tool for Terraform security best practices.

Our team has also committed over 65 contributions to community libraries we believe in including aws-nuke, python-hcl2, LambdaGuard, prowler, cloudmapper, and Terraformer.

Last but not least, our pricing plans also got an upgrade. Our free Community plan now includes both scanning and remediations in build-time and run-time for up to 100 cloud resources, and our paid plans start at $99/month! 💸
All you have to do is sign up for a free account at to get started.


We look forward to the upcoming months during which we’ll be sharing more regular product updates. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or sign up for our monthly newsletter below to stay in touch.

But most importantly, stay safe, live long, and prosper. 🖖