Giving Databricks a step up on maintaining least-privilege IAM

Databricks IAM right-sizing and building security foundation with Bridgecrew

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a huge area of focus for teams looking to improve their cloud security posture. Overly-permissive roles and permissions can lead to account compromise, unauthenticated access, and malicious activity. Getting insight into sprawling IAM configuration, however, is easier said than done.

In our newest case study, we share how Bridgecrew worked with the Databricks security team to address IAM risk by automating and codifying IAM right-sizing. 

With Bridgecrew’s help, Databricks was able to:

  • Reduce groups and roles by 75%
  • Right-size account admins by 96%
  • Remove all unused users

By providing visibility into their existing IAM configuration and implementing guardrails going forward, Bridgecrew has given Databricks a leg up on maintaining least-privilege IAM.

“Bridgecrew is an integral part of our multi cloud environment security program. We rely on Bridgecrew’s ability to provide policy violations in our environments in line with Databricks’ security program, remediation steps, and actions. Working with Bridgecrew has made it a great partnership for both companies.”

— Adam Fest, Head of Security Engineering, Databricks

Read the full story here.

We look forward to helping more innovative organizations streamline their cloud security. Learn more about Bridgecrew’s approach to helping teams build and maintain right-sized IAM, and check it out for yourself with a free Bridgecrew account.