How Coalfire utilizes automation to secure cloud architecture and infrastructure as code

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Coalfire is on a mission to build innovative and scalable cybersecurity solutions for clients. They design, build, and operate secure architectures for clients. In order to get proactive about securing the infrastructure of those environments, Coalfire works with Bridgecrew to embed infrastructure as code (IaC) security scanning for Terraform and CloudFormation templates into their CI/CD pipelines.

In our newest case study, we share how Bridgecrew helped Coalfire proactively secure both their own reference architecture and managed client environments.

Coalfire has already seen a decrease in time-to-patch, number of alerts, and high-severity incidents. This takes a significant load off of their operations teams, freeing them up to work on more critical areas of the business.

“We wanted to be proactive about IaC security. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. Bridgecrew gave us the ability to identify and remediate misconfigurations within our code prior to deployment.”

– Adam Kerns, Managing Principal Cloud Services, Coalfire

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