Automate your infrastructure security from commit to cloud

Streamline cloud security and enforce policies throughout the entire development lifecycle.


Find, fix, and prevent cloud misconfigurations


Enforce policies across your cloud environments and infrastructure code with support for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, and more.


Equip engineering and security with automated playbooks and merge-ready pull requests to instantly implement fixes.


Embed cloud security earlier in your development lifecycle via source control and CI/CD to prevent issues altogether.

Codified cloud security platform

Secure your infrastructure from development to production

Get complete cloud security visibility and the guardrails to enforce the right policies at the right time.

Save time finding and fixing cloud misconfigurations

Automate security engineering and implement fixes as code so you can focus on what matters.

We turned to Bridgecrew to help analyze and enforce security and compliance industry standards across our engineering, DevOps, security, and compliance teams.

Shruti Gupta

Director of Engineering

Bridgecrew’s platform and team help us move our cloud security forward, quickly, allowing us to adapt to our fast-paced business.

Jonathan Jaffe

Director of Information Security

Thanks to Bridgecrew, we are able to significantly enhance our cloud security posture from detection to remediation and response.

Ran Harpaz



Bridging the gap between code and security

Embed Bridgecrew throughout your cloud environment to automate your cloud security posture management and infrastructure as code security.

Integrate Bridgecrew with your AWS accounts to identify and remediate security issues. Bridgecrew also supports CloudFormation security scanning.

Enforce security and compliance policies in your Terraform modules with support for automated scanning and pull request fixes.

Integrate Bridgecrew with your Microsoft Azure resources for run-time monitoring. Bridgecrew also scans Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

Bridgecrew integrates with Kubernetes workloads and checks Kubernetes resources across cloud providers to ensure they’re correctly configured.

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