Automate your infrastructure security from commit to cloud

Streamline cloud security throughout the entire DevOps lifecycle with Bridgecrew’s automated and codified platform.


Find, fix, and prevent cloud misconfigurations

Maintain security, compliance, and governance across your cloud environments—AWS, GCP, Azure—and infrastructure code—Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and more.


Bridgecrew enables teams to find infrastructure misconfigurations and cloud policy violations in both build-time to run-time.


Through automated playbooks and merge-ready pull requests, Bridgecrew equips teams with fixes delivered as code.


Bridgecrew empowers teams to embed earlier in development lifecycles via source control and CI/CD to prevent issues altogether.

Codified cloud security platform

Secure your public cloud and maintain compliance

Get instant insight into your infrastructure and cloud security posture and the guardrails to enforce it.

Save time finding and fixing cloud misconfigurations

Automate security engineering and implement fixes as code so you can focus on what matters.

We turned to Bridgecrew to help analyze and enforce security and compliance industry standards across our teams—engineering, DevOps, security, and compliance.

Shruti Gupta

Director of Engineering

Bridgecrew’s platform and team help us move our cloud security forward, quickly, allowing us to adapt to our fast-paced business.

Jonathan Jaffe

Director of Information Security

Thanks to Bridgecrew, we are able to significantly enhance our cloud security posture – from detection to remediation and response.

Ran Harpaz


Our commitment to open source

We believe open-source is essential to advancing the codified cloud security movement. That’s why we help maintain open-source projects and develop our own. These are two of our core projects:

Infrastructure-as-code static analysis

Checkov is a static code analysis tool for infrastructure-as-code. It scans cloud infrastructure managed in Terraform, Cloudformation, and Kubernetes for misconfigurations.

AWS least-privilege Terraformer

AirIAM moves existing IAM configurations to a least-privilege Terraform. It scans IAM activity and creates a template that gives users the exact set of permissions they use.

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