Codified cloud security, built to be simple

Protecting infrastructure in the public cloud is a software engineering challenge. We solve it like one.

Bridging the gap with codified solutions.

Cloud security engineering-as-a-service

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From specialist skills

…to specialized code

Skip the line for skilled engineers with automation services that enable developers to apply remediations at scale.

From disperate tools

…to integrated solutions

Grow organically with comprehensive systems designed to keep up with your changes.

From compliance

…to confidence

React quickly with clear sight of your data, so you can stop looking back and start moving forward.

Our Services

We believe cloud-native companies need a new type of security solution. We’ve built a team of super-hero DevOps engineers from diverse security and cloud engineering backgrounds to supply the next generation of security services.


Achieve a secure AWS infrastructure quickly and easily

Google Cloud

Continue to grow your business on Google Cloud


Maximize the performance of your current clusters with an effective and secure implementation of Kubernetes

Our Platform

Our Platform

Collaborative Security Workspace

Community Powered Solutions

Native Workflow Automation

Connected Analytics

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Trusted By The Best

“We’ve built our infrastructure entirely in AWS – every new change we introduce could potentially expose us to new and unknown risks. With Bridgecrew I get security engineers with years of AWS experience who make these types of decisions all the time. Being able to pull from templates and playbooks they’ve already proven is helpful.”

Donovan Bray | Director of Devops

“Thanks to Bridgecrew, we are able to significantly enhance our cloud security posture – from detection to remediation and response. Their solution ensures that security concerns don’t halt our fast business growth. Today, Bridgecrew is essential for our fast growth to continue while maintaining a robust security posture. The platform and services team take care of detection, remediation and response – alleviating those concerns for us.”

Ran Harpaz | CTO

hippo bridgecrew

“With large enterprise customers spanning the globe, security is a critical priority for our company. We were intent on finding a cloud security partner, such as Bridgecrew, who could handle our requirements, while also providing the focus, acumen, and attentiveness that traditional security vendors and providers were unable to offer.”

Tal Hornstein | CISO

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״Cloud infrastructure security is an essential element to operations. Bridgecrew has become a key partner in that process. It provides automation tooling and security engineering, on demand. Bridgecrew quickly adapts to the speed and agility required by my team. Bridgecrew’s platform and support team help us move our cloud security forward, quickly, allowing us to adapt to our fast-paced business.״

Jonathan Jaffe | Director of Information Security

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“Bridgecrew’s Checkov gives us the confidence we need to proactively eliminate security issues before they get deployed to production. Bridgecrew is integrated into our CI/CD pipeline, embedding cloud security best practices into our terraform managed infrastructure.”

Matthew Wynn | Security Engineer

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