Ship code that’s secure by default

Natively embed security into your development tools and workflows to secure your cloud-native applications at the source.

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Our approach

Bridgecrew is more than just a platform

We invest in our open source tools and enable native integrations to make security a seamless part of developers’ day to day.


With native IDEs, VCS, and CI/CD integrations, security becomes part of the day to day so you can keep moving fast.


With deep code scanning support for infra and apps, you spend less time triaging and addressing issues ad hoc.


With context-aware coverage and supply chain visualization across the dev lifecycle, you can easily prioritize and minimize risk.

See it for yourself

Bridgecrew is the leading code security platform loved by developers. With seamlessly integrated and codified security, Bridgecrew helps you ship secure code fast.

Use Cases

Developer-friendly solutions for all your code security needs

IaC security

Surface cloud misconfigurations and exposed secrets in infrastructure as code (IaC) to prevent noisy downstream security alerts.

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Software composition analysis

Identify and remediate open source vulnerabilities and compliance issues to proactively secure your open source code components.

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Supply chain security

Continuously harden your VCS and CI/CD configurations to protect the pipelines that are critical to your cloud-native supply chain.

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